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Its Kind Of A Funny Story

I hate the fact that I now live & work in the sticks, only because I don’t get the chance to meet new people.. especially guys lol. I work with all women & the only men are 3 old doctors haha. It’s way expensive to be driving into town once a week or even more so, lonely life for me

I’m craving netflix/cuddle time that transforms into really rough sex.

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I was holding a llama still at work today while the doctor gave him a shot…

He spat on me,

It was so gross

& stunk so bad

Time for a shower haha

So I work under 5 doctor’s at the clinic, 2 of them are my actual bosses. One of them I am extremely afraid of & is hella nosey..

After lunch we were getting ready for the next client & John goes “what happened to your arm?”… all I can think is aww fuck, someone finally noticed my scars & it had to be the boss that I’m scared of.

welp, I explained that I used to be really depressed, blah, blah. It was extremely awkward & embarrassing but he didnt pry after that. & just said “god bless you” like 5 times haha